SWUS Board of Directors

  • Marc A. Baez

    (CCIC, MHC)

  • Kathy Buckley


  • Catherine M. Coombe


  • Greg M. Cooper

    (MIC: Treasurer; MHC: Chairman, Vice President; CCIC: Chairman and Vice President)

  • Paul Bohme


  • Elizabeth Dolan


  • Raymond Enright

    (CCIC, MHC)

  • William Richard Finch

     (MIC: Vice President)

  • Edward N. Harper

    (MIC: Secretary; MHC: President/CEO; CCIC: President/CEO)

  • Dwayne Charles Hill

    (MIC: Director)

  • Alan R. Lewis

    (CCIC, MHC)

  • Charles Frank McIntosh


  • Fredrick John Morse

    (MIC: President; MHC)

  • Kristen Plaia


  • Gary Schmidt

    (MIC: Director)

MHC: Mid-Hudson Co-Operative Insurance Company  |  CCIC: Claverack Cooperative Insurance Company  |  MIC: Midrox Insurance Company

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