Let’s Drift!

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May 31, 2022

Drift = Do It Right The First Time!

We are all so busy trying to service our clients up to their satisfaction. Sometimes it seems like there is not enough hours in our days to take care of the things that need to be taken care of. Our tendency is then to “rush” to get things done.  When we rush, we can overlook little things that end up putting more work on our and others plate.

One of the areas that we spend more time than we want is what you can call “unnecessary” or “after the fact” endorsements. Unnecessary and after the fact because we did not take the few extra minutes to verify the information given us is correct and entered correctly. Now we must process a “do over” that affects more than just ourselves. The cost is more than just our own time.

The four areas that hit the top of the list are mailing address, mortgagee information, correct spelling of the insured’s name and location address. These are the major culprits. Let’s all just take a few extra minutes in our busy schedules to verify the information and let’s just DRIFT!

Authors & Contributors: Ronnie Carlson

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