Protect Your Home from Winter Damage

January 8, 2019

Winter storms and cold waves caused $1.2 billion in insured losses in 2017, according to Insurance Information Inc.

Frozen pipes, blackouts, and snow or ice build-up can wreak havoc on your home. Prepare for what could happen before disaster strikes, so you don’t have to worry about reacting to it after.


Frozen pipes occur when a home’s metal or plastic water supply pipes are exposed to extreme cold. Pipes most susceptible to freezing include outdoor lines, pipes in unheated interior areas (such as the basement), and pipes within exterior walls.

Pipe insulation, a key measure to take before winter, can help protect your pipes for as little as 50 cents per foot, certainly a small price to pay compared to the $5,000 a pipe burst could cost you in damages.

  • Keep your house at a temperature of 65°F or higher.
  • Disconnect outdoor hoses and valves.
  • Inspect your building for leaks.
  • Allow one faucet to drip on very cold days.


Outages can be frightening during the winter months, so it is extremely important to take precautions. The weight of the snow and ice can cause blackouts and accidents from fallen trees.

  • Make sure to develop a communication plan for your family and employees.
  • Have a supply of emergency materials.
  • Create a plan to maintain your buildings protective features, such as alarms and sprinkler systems.


Evaluate your home to determine if the structure is capable of handling the weight of any impending storms.

  • Inspect your roof and gutter for blockage or damage.
  • Check fasteners, hangers, and supports on your gutters.
  • Monitor ice dams that can build up on your roof to prevent damage to the structure of your building and leaks in your home. The longer that snow and ice build up, the more damage it can cause.

Having a plan of action, inspecting your building, and fixing any damage before the harshness of winter hits can all help avoid destruction. Protect your property and family from the damage of the winter so you can spend more time enjoying the season.

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