Safety Tips For Grilling

tips for grilling
August 8, 2022

Trim the fat:

Flare ups usually happen because of excess fat, sauces or oily marinades. Trim off some of the fat without sacrificing flavor.

Keep the lip open:

When searing fatty foods, leave the grill lip open

Avoid wind:

Try to keep your grill away from windy areas. Wind forces oxygen between the grates which can fuel a flare up fire.

Move your food:

Try not to overcrowd your grill with food. If a flare-up does happen , you want to move your food away from the flames.

Burn the grease away – Grease pools:

During Cooking, if grease pools, remove your food and turn the burners on high with grill lid open until the grease has burnt off.

How to control the flare-up:

If your grill flares-up out of control, turn off the grill, Safely.

DON’T USE WATER, ever. This may cause your grill to combust into flames.

If your grill does get out of control call 911 immediately.

Then call your insurance company.

Have a wonderful and safe summer.

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