Special Announcement | A Job Well Done and New Beginnings

June 2, 2020

Any job well done is more than just a paycheck. In our industry, a job well done is exemplified by taking care of your customers, policyholders, staff, and of course, family, all while being available whenever and wherever those people need help; this is our business. We restore people’s lives and help them when they often need it most.

Fred Morse , President of Midrox Insurance Company , certainly deserves credit for a job well done. On May 29, 2020, Fred Morse announced his retirement. Several of us at Statewide Underwriting Services knew this day was coming. Many of you know Fred for several decades. He has 46 years of service at Midrox Insurance Company.
Midrox Insurance Company was chartered in 1936 by Fred’s grandfather as a rural co-operative insurance company in Roxbury, NY, known initially as Midrox Co-operative Fire Insurance Company.

Fred has been involved in every aspect and operation within the company, and he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge unique in our industry today. In 1987 and 1988, Midrox merged with Delhi Insurance Company, Andes Mutual Fire Insurance Company, and Bovina Co-operative Fire Insurance Company. Fred continued to manage and lead the resulting Midrox Insurance Company.

Since then, Fred has grown the company profitably and expanded its operating territory throughout upstate New York. He added independent agents by developing relationships based on trust, service, and commitment to the agents and policyholders.

In recent times the co-operative insurance companies in New York continue to adapt and evolve. Fred saw the need for the next chapter and the continued profitable growth of Midrox Insurance Company. In 2018 he joined Midrox in a relationship with Statewide Underwriting Services to leverage the combined strength of Midrox Insurance Company, Mid-Hudson Co-Operative Insurance Company, and Claverack Cooperative Insurance Company.

Each company continues to thrive as a separate underwriting company while combining and centralizing the strength of its operations, claims, underwriting, marketing, accounting, IT, and reinsurance. This union will ensure the lifetime legacy and work of the Morse family and preserve not only the history of the Midrox Insurance Company but also its future. 

Please join me in congratulating Fred & Shirley Morse and wish them all the best of health and happiness.

Most of all, join us in thanking Fred for a job well done!!

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